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About Us

A Brief History
In 1974, Ralph and Janet Iwen created a sole proprietorship called Iwen Tool Supply Company. Ralph, who had previous launched and run RICO Tool Company for 15 years, brought in his son-in-law, Ermin Sallmen, and the two men worked part time out of a bedroom in the Iwen’s home. Things moved more quickly than anyone expected.
Shortly thereafter, Ermin devoted himself full-time to ITSC as a sales rep. The Iwens’ youngest daughter, Shawn, joined the team to manage accounts receivable while simultaneously attending college. This was the birth of the company motto: Lowering cost by increasing productivity.
Even when the business grew to four times its size, the Iwens kept things close, bringing in friends to process the orders that were constantly flowing in, continuously maximizing productivity and, in turn, keeping costs low for customers.
It goes without saying customers appreciate low costs and efficient timetables, and it led to ITSC finally incorporating in 1988, with all the principles remaining and Ermin taking the helm as president. Although Janet passed away in 2001 and Ralph in 2003, the Iwen team continues in their original vision.
Tools, Band Saws and Inventory Management
Following Ermin’s retirement in 2007, Darrell Thayer, another son-in-law of the Iwens who had previously worked his way up from sales rep to vice president, took over as president, and Darrell’s son, Travis, earned the role of VP in 2008.
ITSC specializes in cutting tools and industrial products, with thousands of items available request a catalog or order online. A natural extension of so many available tools is inventory management, and proprietary iCrib software keeps you in full control of your warehouses.
Plus, a dedicated band-saw division will cut and weld blades to length to fit your machines and eliminate downtime.
Efficient, productive and cost-effective, Iwen Tool Supply Company is everything you need in a tool supplier.
Why Iwen Tool Supply Company?
Lowering Cost By Increasing Productivity
When you work with us, you save more than money—you save time. Time is often more valuable than money, and that’s why we have always been devoted to productivity. If we are productive, we lower costs.
Availability, Accountability and Trackability
Iwen Tool Supply Company has tens of thousands of products from more than a hundred manufacturers available for purchase, virtually ensuring we have the cutting tools, MRO supplies, abrasives, accessories and more to meet your needs. We quote promptly, deliver on time and keep your inventory stocked.
With iCrib Commodity Management software, you always have a full knowledge of exactly what you have on hand, what you need to re-order and when.
Because you have full control over inventory management and full access to orders and re-orders when you need them, all through ITSC, efficiency is unmatched, productivity is high and cost is low.

The Iwen Tool Supply Company Team

Everyone at Iwen Tool Supply Company works towards helping you seamlessly get exactly what you need every time you work with us.  To get in touch with any of our team members directly refer to the contact information below.
Darrell Thayer
Cell: 989.751.2353
Email: darrell.thayer@iwentool.com
Travis Thayer
Vice President
Cell: 989.239.5284
Email: travis.thayer@iwentool.com
Tom Reed
General Manager/Accounting
Phone: 989.777.7908 x124
Email: tom.reed@iwentool.com
Shawn Thayer
Customer Service
Phone: 989.777.7908 x121
Email: shawn.thayer@iwentool.com
Rhonda Mitchell
Phone: 989.777.7908
Email: rhonda.mitchell@iwentool.com
Jill Hozeska
Outside Sales - Central Michigan
Cell: 989.737.4031
Email: jill.hozeska@iwentool.com
Tim Schubert
Northern Sales Manager/UP Michigan
Cell: 989.737.4065
Email: tim.schubert@iwentool.com
Kristi Schubert
Outside Sales - Northern Michigan
Cell: 231.384.1722
Email: kristi.schubert@iwentool.com
Devin Schubert
Outside Sales - Northern Michigan
Cell: 231.886.8374
Email: devin.schubert@iwentool.com
Mark Worthington
Outside Sales - Mid-Michigan
Cell: 810.618.9618
Email: mark.worthington@iwentool.com
Zach Thayer
Outside Sales - Southern Michigan
Cell: 989.493.4890
Email: zach.thayer@iwentool.com
Justin Rivera
Outside Sales - Southern Michigan
Cell: 269.832.3028
Email: justin.rivera@iwentool.com
Grant Ahlgren
Outside Sales - Northeast Michigan
Cell: 989.370.8787
Email: grant.ahlgren@iwentool.com
David Thayer
Outside Sales/Application Specialist
Cell: 989.737.5411
Email: davidthayer@charter.net
Steve Weaver
Tool Management
Phone: 989.777.7908 x120
Email: steve.weaver@iwentool.com
Ross Cumming
Tool Management
Phone: 989.777.7908 x113
Email: ross.cumming@iwentool.com
Dennis Ecker
Sales Manager
Phone: 989.777.7908 x111
Email: dennis.ecker@iwentool.com
Jeff Fischer
Sales Associate
Phone: 989.777.7908 x105
Email: jeff.fischer@iwentool.com
Kyle Roach
Sales Associate
Phone: 989.777.7908 x109
Email: kyle.roach@iwentool.com
Mike Revard
Sales Associate
Phone: 989.777.7908 x108
Email: mike.revard@iwentool.com
Todd Heath
Sales Associate/Expediting
Phone: 989.777.7908 x123
Email: todd.heath@iwentool.com
John Walz
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 989.777.7908 x110
Email: john.walz@iwentool.com
Justin Jones
Phone: 989.777.7908 x107
Email: justin.jones@iwentool.com
Dave Zimmerman
Inventory Control
Phone: 989.777.7908 x125
Email: dave.zimmerman@iwentool.com
Stefanie Popp
Web Sales & Marketing
Phone: 989.777.7908 x116
Email: stefanie.popp@iwentool.com
Brandon Elliott
Warehouse Manager
Phone: 989.777.7908 x117
Email: brandon.elliott@iwentool.com
Bob Bierman
Phone: 989.777.7908 x118
Email: bob.bierman@iwentool.com
Wendy Batterbee
Phone: 989.777.7908 x118
Email: wendy.batterbee@iwentool.com
Spencer Allendorf
Band Saw/Warehouse
Phone: 989.777.7908 x118
Email: spence.allendorf@iwentool.com
Joe Martinez
Phone: 989.777.7908 x118
Email: joe.martinez@iwentool.com
Kyle Rosebrock
Phone: 989.777.7908 x118
Email: kyle.rosebrock@iwentool.com
Ron Booth
Band Saw Division Associate
Phone: 989.777.7908 x115
Email: ron.booth@iwentool.com