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Darrell Thayer President
In 1987 Darrell, a son-in-law of the Iwens, became a Sales Associate for ITSC.  Over the years he worked his way up to Vice President and in 2007 became President of ITSC.
Travis Thayer  Vice President
In 2006 Travis joined the family business at ITSC.  He started in the warehouse and with his hard work and quick learning he earned the position of Vice President in 2008.                               
 Shawn ThayerCustomer ServiceOn May 1, 1988 the Iwens' youngest daughter, Shawn, joined the team to manage accounts receivable while simultaneously attending college. This was the birth of the company motto: Lowering cost by increasing productivity.  Over the years Shawn has also taken on several other roles, including Sales Associate and Customer Service.